Things You Tend To Lose When You Book A Hotel Room For A Vacation

Anyone who has ever booked a hotel room hoping to have great facilities at a cheap price knows both of those things usually do not go together. If you want great facilities you have to book a hotel at a really great hotel. If you want a hotel room at a cheap price you have to let go of any expectations about having good facilities.

In the light of such a situation if you are going to stay at a certain city or a country for a long time going for Phuket long term rentals at a flat is a better choice always. They never make you lose the following four things which you are definitely going to lose when you are spending a vacation by staying at a hotel room.


Most of the hotel rooms do not have enough space for you to relax as you want to. If you want to have a really nice space you have to book something like a hotel suite which is going to be expensive. However, when you lease a flat from a reliable accommodation provider you get the chance to be there as long as you need whether it is for a number of days or just a couple of days in a place which has all the space you want to have.


Staying at a hotel room is often considered as a way to lose your money very fast. This can be a real problem when you want to spend a week or two in a city. At such a moment, by choosing to lease an apartment for rent Pattaya you can keep the rising accommodation fee low enough to let you enjoy the travelling you came to do in the first place.

Freedom and Peace of Mind

Unless you are in a special hotel suite your freedom is going to be limited when you are staying in a hotel room. This mainly happens as most of the cheap hotel rooms are smaller in size and are separated from other rooms using thin walls. This means you will hear what is going on in the other room often just as they can hear what is going on in your room. As a result, your freedom and the peace of mind are both going to suffer a blow. If you want to really enjoy a vacation you need to have all of these things with you without losing them. If you want that kind of an experience you have to choose to stay in a flat.

How To Save On Your Rent Without A Roomie

If you feel like it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the rent requirements on your place, then you will have to consider options for earning more money on a solo basis and keeping out the roommates to split the cost. It is all well and nice if you manage to grab yourself an extremely nice person, but roommates are hard to deal with for people who are used to living alone. You have to split everything two way, and sometimes the messes do not get cleaned up as often as you want them to. Here are some options for you to think about as part time cash for saving up rent.

Go for the cheaper accommodation

Even though most of us would like to live in luxury, it is hard to earn it and keep the money for yourself. When it comes to pet friendly serviced apartments Melbourne, you will be better off in a studio when you are living by yourself. Going cheap on the rent will allow you more options to customize the place and also make it your own home slowly but surely.When it comes to housing, studios are great for singles and doubles who live in their own paces. A studio Queens Road accommodation has pretty much everything that a one bedroom place would have, but on a small scale and these tend to be located in areas where you can get to anything (subway, bar, restraint, school and work) at any time.

Do house sitting

House sitting is one of the more novel concepts around where you do not have to afford the luxury apartment by yourself. You can apply online through websites and keeping hopping from one place to another and pay rent only on short term basis. You will have to do take care of the cat/dog in the house, do some maintenance in the house and et cetera, and if you are ok with working for housing then this would be your choice.

Go for long term leases

Landlords like people who commit to their houses for a long time. So if you plan on sticking around the neighbourhood for a couple of years, and you are happy with the place that you chose, then try negotiating the price with the landlord or the landlady with a longer lease term. Committed renters are hard to find in the market the same as good housing options that you do not mind.

If it is not urgent for you to find housing right at the time, then wait out the market prices falling and going up. There are times during the course of the year when the rent prices rise and fall, so grab your chance when the rate goes down.

Earning Money While You Travel

If you are a person that is yearning to take a trip but you do not think that you can afford to spare the money to take the trip, you should consider looking in to ways of earning money while you are travelling or while you are on holiday. There are many things that you can do to earn money while you are away.

Rent out your home

While you are on holiday, consider giving your room or your home out on rent for a short term to someone who is travelling to your town and looking for accommodation. This will help to bring in some money while you are travelling so that you do not feel the expenditure as much. You can do a similar deal with your car, your laptop or anything else that you will be leaving behind during your trip to help you to earn extra money and you will be surprised to see that you will have many takers.

Document your adventures

Many people do not know that YouTube and Google will usually pay you for views on an original video that you make and therefore if you document your trip and your adventures and upload them to YouTube, you are likely to get paid for views. You should focus on things that other people are unlikely to focus on and also target your videos to the right crowd. One example is that you can do a video blog on dog friendly accommodation in the area you are travelling to by asking questions and interviewing different houses, guest houses and hotel in the area after which you can share your video to dog groups on social media.

You can also do a small video on rail trail accommodation that you can then share with people looking for budget vacation ideas which is sure to get you many views. YouTube will then pay you money for every view that you bring in.

Like this, documenting your adventures can not only be great fun but can help you to bring in money to cover extra money. If you are clever enough, you might even be earning money from your travels but at the beginning, let your focus be to cover the cost of your trip so that you are not spending any of your savings on your trip. If you really get the hang of it, you could even end up being a professional travel blogger which can bring in a lot of money on the long run.