Taking A Sip Of Different Wines

Any good wine club membership can give you access to several perks. You may get a magazine subscription which will keep you informed of past and upcoming products. You may get a welcome pack with cards, certificates, and notices for future events. Essentially, however, you just want the wine. A basic wine club membership will entitle you to affordable, high quality wine products. Usually you will get discounts on existing products. That will, in turn, allow you to purchase even more products.Whether you drink them out of the bottle or the glass, or showcase them proudly in a custom wine cellar, they are yours to keep. That is the true value of wine club membership. For example, there is a wide selection of Sauvignon Blanc wines that you can enjoy.

South Australia truly is the king of wine making in Australia. You would be surprised at the sheer number of regions that produce yearly products. Adelaide Hills seems like an obvious example but it is what it is. One of their products is the very recent Dandelion Wishing Block Sauvignon Blanc. This 2014 wine is a testament to the quality standards at Adelaide Hills. It boasts gooseberry, grassiness, and tropical notes. In fact, the selling point of this wine is that it is a significant improvement on the 2009 product of years gone past. The combination of vineyards and winemakers is emphasised not only in the descriptions but the tastes. You will be challenged by this product but in all the right ways.

Sometimes you just don’t have a lot of money. You struggle with bills to the extent that you can’t rub two twenty-dollar notes together. Hopefully, however, you will at least have one. That way, you can afford a relatively unknown product with your wine club membership. The 2014 Hardys Riddle Sauvignon Blanc isn’t something you will see often. However, the Hardys winery isn’t to be trifled with. It is situated in South Eastern Australia so it is surrounded by rivals in the winemaking business. As a result, it has to know what it’s doing. This wine is a testament to their hard work. It boasts a fresh citrus flavour, combined with lifted tropical fruit and herbaceous aromas. The end result is an intense fruity punch. This is definitely something you set aside for parties or friendly gatherings.

Anyone who has a passing interest in Sauvignon Blanc will recognise Hunting Creek. Anyone who owns a wine club membership will crave for Hunting Creek products. Therefore, the 2013 Hunting Creek Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc is a very sought after product. Despite that, the $15 price is very much a steal. What you get in this wine is an explosion of flavours. One moment you get something fresh and zesty. The next moment, your tongue is attacked with tropical fruits and greenery. It is recommended that you enjoy pasta with this product. In this case find a perfect fridge for your wine to have a good taste.