Things You Tend To Lose When You Book A Hotel Room For A Vacation

Anyone who has ever booked a hotel room hoping to have great facilities at a cheap price knows both of those things usually do not go together. If you want great facilities you have to book a hotel at a really great hotel. If you want a hotel room at a cheap price you have to let go of any expectations about having good facilities.

In the light of such a situation if you are going to stay at a certain city or a country for a long time going for Phuket long term rentals at a flat is a better choice always. They never make you lose the following four things which you are definitely going to lose when you are spending a vacation by staying at a hotel room.


Most of the hotel rooms do not have enough space for you to relax as you want to. If you want to have a really nice space you have to book something like a hotel suite which is going to be expensive. However, when you lease a flat from a reliable accommodation provider you get the chance to be there as long as you need whether it is for a number of days or just a couple of days in a place which has all the space you want to have.


Staying at a hotel room is often considered as a way to lose your money very fast. This can be a real problem when you want to spend a week or two in a city. At such a moment, by choosing to lease an apartment for rent Pattaya you can keep the rising accommodation fee low enough to let you enjoy the travelling you came to do in the first place.

Freedom and Peace of Mind

Unless you are in a special hotel suite your freedom is going to be limited when you are staying in a hotel room. This mainly happens as most of the cheap hotel rooms are smaller in size and are separated from other rooms using thin walls. This means you will hear what is going on in the other room often just as they can hear what is going on in your room. As a result, your freedom and the peace of mind are both going to suffer a blow. If you want to really enjoy a vacation you need to have all of these things with you without losing them. If you want that kind of an experience you have to choose to stay in a flat.